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For some time now we have been constantly listening to the complaints of ministers who are sick and tired of the heavy criticism directed against them by the media. They get deeply offended. They are truly fed up. From morning to evening, they dial away, complaining about journalists to whomever and wherever they can…

From whom did they learn to do this, of course, from the president. President Ersin Tatar, “like the kid who rushes to his father to complain about his friend in the neighbourhood,” with phone in hand, is busy making complaints to the Turkish Embassy in Nicosia about whoever annoys, criticizes or hurts him.

It seems that this is the latest trend in politics. “No need for you to do anything, let the country rot in this… mess, you just track tenders, protect those bidding. But no one is allowed to criticize you…” Nevertheless, freedom of speech is a fundamental component of democracy. As long as there is no libel and slander involved.

They even went as far as proposing the introduction of repressive press laws to silence everyone who speaks or writes and they continue to do so. They’re nowhere to be found when it comes to progressive steps for the country, but mashallah [praise be] they’re part of every scenario that aims to curb society’s rights and make life harder.

Without exception, I experience the same thing after every programme. “What happened Hüseyin? Are you out to get us…”, “The only thing you do is criticize everything…”, “Was there nothing else you could find to talk about?” And then there is the [claim of] “innocence…”, that common attribute everyone possesses. Well, then why is the country in the state it is in?

What are they doing? They either write truck loads [of PR statements] explaining the reasons for their failures or starting with Mete Tümerkan [Translators note: Head of the Haberkıbrıs Group Board of Directors], call everyone they can, telling them, “He should avoid going into that subject.” I, on the other hand, will keep on asking: If the ministers are that good, why is the country in the state it is in?

Ok, if all is good, all is well, why is this country in the state it is dear friends? The citizen’s expectation is not that high. Everyone knows that there is a global economic crisis and that there are problems in the field of energy. But this cannot be an excuse for such poor management of the country.

Lately, we have been repeatedly raising this issue… Unfortunately, tenders are the only thing that is being discussed. For example, Erhan Arıklı takes the most offence when we raise this issue. After all, this is a small country, no one keeps secrets. Isn’t Mr Arıklı aware of this?

If you meet with bidders from dawn to dusk, constantly talking about tenders, then it is only natural that we get upset. We criticize. What’s wrong with that? They name firms when talking about tenders in this country. Do we not know the types who run from one ministry to the other trying to secure tenders?

The problem is that everyone who tries to work in this country with a good name, who has no business with the state, who tries to stand on their own feet, who creates employment and who pays taxes is punished. Most importantly, they are being punished with bad governance.

Of course, those running this country are not responsible for the pandemic and the economic crisis that followed. However, none of the measures required to protect our own people are being taken. No one is laying a hand on the “salary-based” system. And to top it off, they are preparing the ground for their supporters and those scrambling to secure a share of the tenders.

There is a tender for the construction of a marina in Lapta [Lapithos], the same in Famagusta… The mine in Lefka, the maintenance of the main roads, fuel for KIB-TEK [TC Electricity Authority]… And do you know… they all want these tenders to be awarded directly to certain names. And we’re expected not to criticize these attempts, or more importantly, not try and prevent them from taking place, is that it? In your dreams.

I am not against tenders. They are all essential and the product of a vision. Someone puts forward a vision and should it be realised, it will benefit all. However, everyone has a tender in mind or a firm to secure a tender. And then they get annoyed when you speak openly.

We will continue to speak up about what we learn and what we see. This country belongs to us. It was entrusted to us by those who came before us and it is our duty to make sure that it is passed on to those after us within the confines of contemporary and democratic principles. The bidders may well be offended.


Hüseyin Ekmekçi was born in Famagusta in 1975. He started his journalism career at Halkın Sesi Newspaper as a part-timer in 1991, before going professional at the same newspaper in 1993. In 1994, he moved to Yenidüzen Newspaper. In 1998, he joined KIBRIS Newspaper, while in 2006 he returned to Yenidüzen Newspaper. In 2008, he became the chief editor of KIBRIS TV. In 2009, he established Havadis Newspaper as a founding partner and served as the managing editor. In 2018, he started working at digital newspaper Haber Kıbrıs. Currently, he works as the chief editor. He writes daily columns on weekdays and is also the producer of a TV programme titled “Günaydın Haber Kıbrıs”.

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