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The greatest chaos of recent years came roaring. The chaos is so great that not only is it causing serious political debauchery but is also bringing the judiciary and politics face to face. The only way out of this chaos is for parliament to reconvene and draft a new unconstitutional law.

There is no other way out. The constitution is clear. The Supreme Court had no hesitation [in passing its ruling]. The constitutional court is saying that: The majority rule cannot produce laws that contravene the constitution… This is also something we heard quite often during the days the law was debated in parliament.

Of course, municipal reforms are essential. However, the process of reforming the local administrations which began with cutting their number down to 12 municipalities then went up to 13 and later to 16 only to be made a mess of with 18 municipalities is not reform, it’s chaos. In such a way that it also dragged politics into the chaos.

As of this morning, the judiciary has instructed mayors, not to make any payment, and mukhtars not to issue residence permits. Then, who is going to run this country and how will they do it? I wonder who will free us from this whirlpool and how they will manage to do it. This anomaly needs to be eliminated without further delay through new legal arrangements.

The government is questioning why the judiciary, which had not objected to the extension of Mustafa Akıncı’s term on grounds of force majeure, made such a ruling. Its very simple. Local elections shall be held every four years… You put off the reform due to inner-party quarrels and then expect us to debate the judiciarys ruling.

The real problem actually is that the government, unable to shake itself free of these inner quarrels, did not have time to prepare for the June 2022 elections. This relaxed well somehow handle it attitude is the real reason why we are experiencing the current ineptitude which left us with 18 municipalities when we were aiming to reduce the number to 12.

My dear brothers and sisters, this country is not being governed properly, this is what bothers me. This is what hurts me, what devastates me. Achieving social justice, promoting equal opportunities and safeguarding of democracy by those who have sworn an oath to abide by the constitution is the only thing that can save this country.

If all this was not enough, we now have a UBP [National Unity Party] congress. Faiz Sucuoğlu, resigned yesterday without providing any explanation.  Even if he didnt give the message Ill be back, he said, I will continue to stick around and my struggle for democracy will continue. Is it not a little too late for that?

UBP has made up its mind. It’s rushing into a congress like a Formula 1 racing car. The congress will be held on September 11, with a single candidate and without the need for a quorum. These bloodless changes that have become precedent within the UBP are also hurting democracy. Nonetheless I will say it again, Mr Faiz can become no hero.


Hüseyin Ekmekçi was born in Famagusta in 1975. He started his journalism career at Halkın Sesi Newspaper as a part-timer in 1991, before going professional at the same newspaper in 1993. In 1994, he moved to Yenidüzen Newspaper. In 1998, he joined KIBRIS Newspaper, while in 2006 he returned to Yenidüzen Newspaper. In 2008, he became the chief editor of KIBRIS TV. In 2009, he established Havadis Newspaper as a founding partner and served as the managing editor. In 2018, he started working at digital newspaper Haber Kıbrıs. Currently, he works as the chief editor. He writes daily columns on weekdays and is also the producer of a TV programme titled “Günaydın Haber Kıbrıs”.

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