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The sins of war are most often jointly committed; mass graves are mutual, and so are displacement, murders and rape.
All are war crimes.
War itself is a crime in the first place!
A crime against humanity…
A disgrace…

So many crimes in Cyprus are committed mutually, yet settling people on the island is unilateral!


Turkey “settled people” in Cyprus in a planned manner and as a matter of fact, the land occupied, which far exceeded the Turkish Cypriot population, was filled.
People have been planted on the land, as said in the metaphor used in Parliament back in those days.

The northern part of Cyprus has such a criminal record and just because of this, it is not possible for a separate state or administration to become part of the international community or international law in the absence of a peace agreement.


I have been publishing documents classified as “TOP SECRET” dating back to 1975 over the past week. I have been receiving questions, requests and messages from many local and international researchers, academics and experts regarding these documents which outline the plans for settling Anatolian people on the island, made public for the first time.

I had published some of these documents in the past in Adres Kıbrıs magazine, and that publication was used as a reference in various sources.

We need to face the truth…
Denial does not work.


What is the “essence of the matter”, a journalist friend from Germany asked … Demographic engineering I replied.

Turkey had a humanitarian justification and rights stemming from international agreements when it set foot in Cyprus in 1974. But the outcome turned out to be different. Because it had no right to divide Cyprus or to settle people. The mandate of the guarantors” did not include these. On the contrary it banned such actions.


These documents classified as Top Secret reveal that settlers were transferred to replace the Cypriots who were forced to leave their homes at gunpoint.

And what is more; this happened by disregarding the social or cultural fabric [of Cyprus]…

Engineering of the population, demography and Turkification took place, and the outcome is obvious…


Unless we acknowledge the crime, politics based on victimisation will save the day but not the future… Because the community which is being isolated from the world is paying the price.


That is why the new policy is doomed, because, it is founded on an old mistake. Unless the [administrative] structure in the north is a component of a Federal Cyprus, its recognition by the world is impossible.



Born in 1971 in the town of Limassol, Cyprus, Cenk Mutluyakalı migrated to Kyrenia together with his family after the war. He began journalism at KIBRIS newspaper in 1989. He took part in establishing the United Media Group. Currently he writes daily essays, news reports and interviews for Yenidüzen newspaper. He served as the President of the Turkish Cypriot Press Card Commission and Turkish Cypriot Journalists Association. He was awarded with various prizes throughout his career, the most recent being the “Peace Journalism Prize” by the bicommunal New Cyprus Association. Mutluyakalı is an author of published books of essays and interviews. He is also the author of a novel titled “Salıncak” (Swing) published by Kor Kitap and translated into Greek by Heterotopia Publications with the title «Η κούνια».

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