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We all know that we are not living under normal” conditions in the northern part of Cyprus.

Even the most radical dissident knows this.
So does the most nationalist…
This is a country of
It is not under the
active and effective control of those elected by society itself in any circumstances.
This is the reality!
Even though it hurts…


There are not too many options other than democratic practices to change this.
The options are to voice ourselves to the world, to explain that we are heavily besieged, to oppose, to get organised against all this as much as possible and to choose as much as possible the right people when going to the ballot…
What other solution options do we have?
Just like the old ones used to say,
Were out of our depth…


But again it is important to note…
That they are unable to take steps
in spite of Cyprus.
Under all circumstances, they are looking for pawns, finding puppets and creating collaborators.
Thus they are making it look like the demand or request comes from [
within] Cyprus.
Is this a consolation?


I hope that they dont turn elections into some sort of theatrics for show.
Because if people lose the chance to change their lives by electing, by being elected, through politics or democracy, then the tension will grow even further.


I saw the sign which read No entry, Forbidden Zone put up on Karpasias most beautiful beach…
That red sign!
A black-coloured soldier figure holding a weapon on the sign…
It reads
no entry in four languages and I think this is the only sign we have that is written in four languages!
Yasak Bölge!
Forbidden Zone!
Zone Interdite!
Verbotene Zone!

Everybody should know in Turkish, English, French and in German that there is no peace here yet!


Were talking about Karpasias most beautiful cove, the area from the Agios Philon Church to Cape Zafer [Cape Apolostos Andreas] and it is a Special Environmental Protection Area.
It has been given to the military.
Of course, they will hide behind
national narratives.
Once again we will turn a blind eye to the pillaging of the environment and the lies…
What are the sacred for?
To be used as a cover!


Unfortunately, we have no other choice but to reveal the truth in the northern half of this island, to cry out to the world in an organised way and to raise our objection…
As if there is democracy…
As if there is peace…
As if there is [
political] will around here…



Born in 1971 in the town of Limassol, Cyprus, Cenk Mutluyakalı migrated to Kyrenia together with his family after the war. He began journalism at KIBRIS newspaper in 1989. He took part in establishing the United Media Group. Currently he writes daily essays, news reports and interviews for Yenidüzen newspaper. He served as the President of the Turkish Cypriot Press Card Commission and Turkish Cypriot Journalists Association. He was awarded with various prizes throughout his career, the most recent being the “Peace Journalism Prize” by the bicommunal New Cyprus Association. Mutluyakalı is an author of published books of essays and interviews. He is also the author of a novel titled “Salıncak” (Swing) published by Kor Kitap and translated into Greek by Heterotopia Publications with the title «Η κούνια».

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