Ali Baturay was born in Klavia (Alanici) village of Larnaca on 14 October 1968. He studied journalism. He holds a master’s degree focusing on “New Media and Changing Newspapers and Journalism in the Northern Part of Cyprus”. He worked for Halkın Sesi Newspaper between 1986-1995, for Yenidüzen Newspaper between 1995-1998 and for Kıbrıs Newspaper for 22 years, between 1998-2020. He worked as news director, managing editor and editor-in-chief at Kıbrıs Newspaper. He started working at the digital newspaper Haber Kıbrıs in February 2020. Currently, he works as the general editorial coordinator of Haber Kıbrıs. He writes daily columns and is the producer of a programme titled “Markaj” at Haber Kıbrıs Web TV during week days.