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Ersin Tatar’s misspelling of the name of Azerbaijani President İlham Aliyev as “İlhan” in a post he shared after meeting with him was later corrected…

Several Azeris who commented under the “Tweet” shared by Tatar, warned him, “Our President’s name is not İlhan, it’s İlham…”

Following these warnings, Tatar “edited” his tweet…

In other words, he corrected it!

Consequently, he learned what the man’s real name was!


I repeat, the Tatar-Aliyev meeting is definitely “valuable”, particularly in the climate of “political famine and drought” we are experiencing…

But to expect “an important outcome” would be a real fantasy!


The Republic of Cyprus reacted strongly to the Tatar-Aliyev meeting…

While the Republic of Cyprus’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent Azerbaijan a message, something along the lines of “… We are expecting you to take a step that will rectify your stance,” it also made an open threat and in summary said that “… if Azerbaijan wants to improve relations with the European Union, it must know that we are a member of this union.”


Well then, what did Azerbaijan do?

Nothing yet!


Ersin Tatar, on the other hand, said “… I will go to Azerbaijan” …

If Tatar’s statement is true, if Azerbaijan “receives” Tatar with the title of “President of the TRNC” and at the “Presidential level”, then it means the Cyprus Republic’s “threat” was in vain…


However, I would like to add my own expectation; Tatar could go to Azerbaijan only for a touristic visit… He could hold contacts with the governor, the district officer, the head of a society or mukhtars if there are any… However, he cannot be received “as an official head of state”!

I mean are there “zero chances”?

Under the current circumstances, “yes, they’re zero”…


Azerbaijan-Turkey relations can be very good…

Apart from international law, UN Security Council resolutions and, of course, Azerbaijan’s Karabakh problem, which despite being said to have been “resolved” seems far from it; there are “interests” that prevent [Azerbaijan] from developing relations with the TRNC “even if it wanted to”…


With your permission, let us examine these interests and their closeness or similarities to the Cyprus issue:

Aliyev, whose real name is İlham and not İlhan as Tatar knew it to be all this time, issued a statement concerning a military operation organised following an incident which took place in Karabakh two weeks ago.

A section of the statement said the following:


“… Armenians who have been settled illegally in the villages of Lachin, Zabukh and Susa (he’s referring to the three villages in Karabakh) need to be removed from there… (Let us continue reading by taking into account the illegal settlement in Northern Cyprus)… Their continued presence there constitutes a war crime. Because this is in violation of the Geneva Convention (could the situation be different in Cyprus?) An occupying country cannot illegally settle a population in the land it is occupying. This is a war crime. Perhaps the Armenians from Syria and Lebanon who lived there didn’t know this but the Yerevan administration is very well aware of this. [Translator’s note: link provided to Turkish state television TRT website with news coverage on Syria] There are reports that some don’t want to leave. It’s up to them. They are war criminals. They shouldn’t try our patience. They should leave in good faith. We are not concerned with where they will go.”


In addition, Aliyev also said the following in his remarks to TRT:

The Armenians living in Karabakh should take the right steps and should understand that their future depends on integrating with the Azerbaijan community. Anything else is not possible. Karabakh in terms of history, international law, economy, geography and transport is an indivisible part of Azerbaijan. [Translator’s note: link provided to TRT coverage of transport news] If anyone is talking about any status or independence in Karabakh, they are the arch enemy of the Armenian people. Because no Armenian living in Karabakh will have a special status, independence or privilege. They will be subjected to the same treatment as the citizens of Azerbaijan. Their rights will be protected just as the rights of the Azeri citizens are protected.”


I would like to ask you to read İlham Aliyev’s words in the last two paragraphs very carefully!

I’m not sure if I’ve made my point clear.

Or should I further elaborate?

Illegal state!

Construction without permits!

There are no inspections!

The worker who lost his life is unregistered!

Again, there are no inspections!

The subcontractor is also unlicensed!

Naturally, those responsible for inspections are nowhere to be found!

But the state is “equal and sovereign!”


I sincerely would like to ask; “I’m putting aside Ersin Tatar, do the others really believe that the TRNC exists?”


If the TRNC truly existed; rest assured that neither could construction be without permits nor would we be talking about an unlicensed subcontractor or the death of our poor worker brother!


And if the TRNC was truly an “equal and sovereign” state; the Minister of Labour and Social Security’s resignation after an apology; would not even take three seconds of consideration!


A fake state!

Built on stolen lands; a system that temporarily earns money through buildings without infrastructure!

That’s it!


And what’s more, they get angry!

“The Jews have come, they’re buying up all our land, we will be left with no land,” they complain!

Someone the other day said, “… This is how these Jews gobbled up Palestine!”

Whereas it’s quite clear who is gobbling who!

Those dressed as Dervishes


The Prophet Solomon was bestowed the gift of communication with animals, particularly birds. One day an injured bird flew up to him, telling him that a dervish had broken its wing.

Solomon summoned the dervish and asked him; this bird has complained about you, why did you break its wing?

The dervish replied;

– My Sultan, I wanted to hunt this bird. At first, it didn’t try to escape, so I walked up to it, and again it made no attempt to fly away. So thinking that it was not going to resist, I attempted to catch it. Just as I was catching it, it tried to fly away, hence, its wing got injured.


Upon hearing this, the Prophet Solomon turned to the bird;

– Look this man is also right. Why did you not fly away? He didn’t sneak up on you. You could have escaped. And now you are complaining that your wing is broken!

The bird replies;

– Sir the reason I didn’t try to escape was that he was dressed as a dervish. I would have tried to escape had he been a hunter. I thought no harm would come from someone who became a dervish, I thought such persons feared God and so I did not flee!


The Prophet Solomon is impressed with the bird’s argument and, for justice to be served;

– The bird is right, break the dervish’s arm, he orders.

Just at that moment, the bird says;

– Sir, please do not do such a thing.

The Prophet Solomon asks why.

The bird;

– Sir, if you break his arm it will heal and he will do the same thing again. I think the best punishment would be to strip him of his robes. Remove them so that he may not be able to deceive other birds like me….!!!


I was born in Pendaia - Lefke in 1967. I completed my primary and secondary education in Gaziveren, Lefke and Morphou. I graduated from the Public Administration Department of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Gazi University in Ankara in 1989. I worked at Kıbrıs, Yenidüzen, Londra Toplum Postası, Avrupa (Afrika), Gıynık, Gündem Kıbrıs newspapers. I worked as a producer and presenter at Kıbrıs TV, Kanal T and Sim Tv. Currently I work as a producer at Sim Tv and publish daily articles in Yenidüzen.

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