North Cyprus is comprised of unpleasant, bad, and negative events repeating themselves.

Yes, constant repetitions of negative occurrences, never-ending same problems…

One finds themselves in the midst of a sea of repetition.

A cursed feeling of repetition…

As if trapped in a bowl like an aquarium fish swimming in circles…

Like a caged bird, a monotonous, unchanging life…

Uncertainty, absence of a solution, and embargoes in various areas already impose pressure on the people living in North Cyprus.

When unresolved and recurring problems are added to these, life becomes unbearable.

Look back at what we have experienced; how many of them are new?

Almost all of what we have experienced is just repetition.

We keep experiencing the same things over and over again.

A country that experiences so many things over and over again but fails to learn from them…

Or is it the fault of the country’s leaders? Yes, they hold a significant share of the blame, but the people also have a share.

We always blame the politicians, the country’s leaders, but society should also exert pressure on them.

Unless the people make their pressure felt on those in power, we cannot be freed from these recurring problems.

It will be a long wait if we sit back and wait for the politicians, the leaders, to solve and end these problems.

It’s not happening. It won’t happen. We will continue to live with these recurring problems and the feeling of repetition for many more years.

The people should show their reaction to those in power. They should show their teeth, stand tall, and convey their demands.

Those running the country should feel and be able to realize that their patience has run out.

You can react as much as you want on social media, and complain to yourselves, but it will have no effect, it won’t solve any problems.

There you go; the Güngör [Koutsoventis] Landfill, or as the people call it, Güngör [Koutsoventis] Dumpsite, is burning again. Are you surprised? Isn’t this a typical situation in the TRNC?

And it’s not just burning, but it’s engulfed in flames, emitting black smoke, enveloping the entire area, suffocating the capital, Nicosia…

It’s the same story every year… Every year, at about the same time, we have to deal with the same problem.

The Güngör [Koutsoventis] Landfill, which is an EU project, has turned into a complete fiasco due to misuse and the disadvantage of not being able to know the country’s population and a lack of foresight.

Unfortunately, the Güngör [Koutsoventis] Landfill is no different than the Dikmen [Dikomo] Dumpsite… [Translator’s note: The outdated landfill in Dikomo was shut down in 2011 after filling up and posing serious environmental problems]

First, it was announced that a tender was launched, then they said it was going to be launched, then it was said the previous tender excluded local companies and hinted at a foreign company, later it was cancelled because it was a bad tender, then it was the pandemic, the currency crisis, the Russia-Ukraine war, then the earthquake, the general election, followed by a local election, the elections in Turkey, then the by-election… So many excuses, one after another… Excuses in this country never end…

Excuses follow one after the other, and problems continue to drag on…

What have we solved? We haven’t solved any of our chronic issues…

People are dying on the roads and in traffic every day, but do you see any measures or moves regarding traffic being taken?

People considered as young lose their lives in “sudden deaths”, but the public is not being informed on these issues, they can’t understand what is happening, they just fear and pray for a resilient body.

The issue of medication [shortages] hasn’t been resolved for nearly four years.

Work accidents continue to take place; violations of rights in the workplace show no sign of ending.

Environmental pollution and environmental destruction are a disgrace in this country.

Similarly, the lack of value given to our historical monuments, and their neglect, is another shame…

Criminal incidents are increasing; violence has infiltrated all aspects of our lives.

The currency crisis, which is relentlessly burning the people but no measures can be taken, is horrifying…

Partisanship, the failure to adhere to the principle of merit in the public sector, and the increasing inefficiency of the public sector is truly a TRNC classic…

The list goes on… Over and over again… Our lives are trapped in negative repetitions.

The country seems like a hopeless case… And then people lament, “Why don’t our young people return from the countries they go to study in? Why do the young people in this country always want to escape abroad?”

Why do you think? Because they are tired of negative and unresolved repetitions, to avoid being a fish in a bowl, a bird in a cage… So as not to melt away like a candle due to the negative repetitions…

Leaving is not a solution for society, but it can be a solution for individuals. Since we as a community cannot express our reaction, this is what happens.

This is not what we want, but the young people are left with no other options. They either have to emigrate or seek jobs in South Cyprus. So take pride in your achievements…



Ali Baturay was born in Klavia (Alanici) village of Larnaca on 14 October 1968. He studied journalism. He holds a master’s degree focusing on “New Media and Changing Newspapers and Journalism in the Northern Part of Cyprus”. He worked for Halkın Sesi Newspaper between 1986-1995, for Yenidüzen Newspaper between 1995-1998 and for KIBRIS Newspaper for 22 years, between 1998-2020. He worked as news director, managing editor and editor-in-chief at KIBRIS Newspaper. In February 2020, he moved to digital newspaper Haber Kıbrıs as general editorial coordinator, where he also wrote daily columns and produced a programme on Haber Kıbrıs WEB TV. As of January 2023, he works as the editor-in-chief of digital news site Bağımsız.

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